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    CLIMA OLIVA Company was founded in 1964 by Isidre Oliva (Tallers Oliva), mainly devoted to residential installation of electricity, hot water and heating.

    In the early 70s due to the strong expansion of the textile industry, was designed and fabricated a moist air conditioner (Luwa type) to increase the production of fabric machinery and marketed under the name HUMEXTERM, which manufactured and installed throughout Catalonia, taking a surprise hit, making further changes to the pneumatic control system and air filter with automatic rotation system.

    In the late '80s, specifically in 1988, joining the company CLIMA OLIVA three children: Santiago, Ferran and Josep Oliva, following family tradition, performing the same type of installation.

    Due to the collapse of the textile industry proceeds with air conditioning installations for public and private developers and builders, and general industry, air-conditioned clean rooms, hotels, offices, industrial heat recovery, free-cooling heat and enthalpy, heat pump power-inverter with variable refrigerant flow, low temperature boilers, blue flame and condensation with yields of 110%.

    Own manufacturing of galvanized rectangular duct, spiral of any diameter and fiber type Climaver Plus, for all types of air conditioning, ventilation air, car parks, etc..

    Special maintenance, certified welding electrode, TIG, brazing, for installations of steam, hot and cold water, refrigerants, natural gas, propane gas at low and high pressure.

    In 2000 extending the facility to over 1700 square meters, to better serve the needs of our customers.

    Currently, all facilities are designed at CLIMA OLIVA and project according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001 certificate No. TÜV 3290/ER / 10 / 02 We use the best products from the world's most prestigious and highest quality technology, giving much importance in energy saving, performance and noise, thus obtaining the highest level of quality, accuracy, economy and comfort of our facilities


    Clima Oliva. with the highest quality certification and management for the implementation of industrial plants.

    •  Quality and management: ISO 9001:2008 TÜV No 0.04.09304
    •  Business Classification in the Official Register of Contractors, in the groups: I 06 Class A, and 09 category A; J 02 Category E, J 05 Class B
    •  Smoke extraction ducts CLIMA OLIVA E600/120 "Approved in fire resistance rating in AFIT LICOF UNE-EN13501-4: 2007
    •  Professional installer certified - maintenance of the Generalitat de Catalunya y del Ministeri d'Industria, Turisme i Comerç to develop comprehensive facilities.

    - Installer air conditioning, heating and plumbing
    - Gas Installer.
    - Installer of pressure vessels.
    - Oil facilities.
    - Electrical Installer.
    - Installer approved welding electrode.

    Company registered in official records of companies that install under No 08037477



    CLIMA OLIVA objective is to conduct all types of air conditioning installations, ventilation, electricity, gas pressure vessels and industrial, public and private, continuously improving the quality and being one step ahead of our client expectations.

    Our aim: be a provider leading in quality.

    The future of our company will be assured through quality commitment with the services we offer, the customer service and the qualifications and involvement of our employees


    Our customer satisfaction will be the focus of all we do. The future of our company is determined by the quality of our response to consumer needs.

    The fundamental basis of the strength of our company lies in our employees, who strive at all times a work environment that facilitates their motivation, competence and pride in the contribution to the work done.